Best Google Chrome Security Extensions for Data Privacy

To meet with the emerging challenges related to online data privacy and security, the market is crowded with one of the best security programs and antiviruses. Although. they are good enough even window’s built-in is program is good to control your security. Still, there are limitations, regarding the program compatibility with the OS or with the computer efficiency.

To overcome the issues and be more productive, Google chrome have some great security extensions and add-ons that can protect your online data privacy, malicious codes, unwanted adds and other potentially unwanted programs with its special security features.
Best Google chrome extensions for Data Privacy

5 Best Google Chrome Security Extensions to Protect online Data:

To secure online data privacy especially using Google Chrome, I have elaborated the best collection of security extensions to manage and protect your personal as well as professional data more efficiently. You can find easily from their official Google Chrome Extension webstore.

1- Malwarebytes browser guard:

Malwarebytes Browser Guard All in One Security Solution
Malwarebytes browser guard is a Chrome security extension that help to block ads and trackers, scam sites, malware along with other  Potentially unwanted programs (PUP’s). After installation, it will give you an option to configure all the described options based upon your choice or nature of browsing site.

If you want to check about particular site than click on Malwarebytes icon and than on Let’s Go button, it will display complete info about that website of how many ads/trackers or any malicious codes is blocked. If you trust on a site and don’t want to block any type of content on it than your can filter security in one click by the checkmark for Trust on this site. In this way you can not only overload your browser from unwanted adds or other pop-ups but can also protect your saved data and password through this Google Chrome Extension.


UMatrix is one of the especially designed extension to block unwanted script, cookies, images, CSS and others to load and then execute on your device. Especially in the era of social media influence,  when every one wants to be informed in few clicks than this browser extension Google chrome helps a lot.

Besides filtering unwanted program or code, it also gives an option to have good control over social media sites. So being an administrator in office, college or other office area, you can restrict your employees, workers or students to access certain sites to be more effective and productive.

3- Privacy Badger:

Privacy Badger data security Chrome Extension
Privacy Badger is yet another safe Extension for Google Chrome to block web trackers. Most of the extensions manually filters to decide which site to allow or block your certain info. While this extensions works a little different, It will automatically block the site that tries to track your personnel or security based info.

The working of this extension is quite unique, when found that someone is tries to track,  it will automatically send a Do NOT track signal to them and if they ignore the message, then it will soon start blocking them. This extension will also keep a record of such sites and keep them blocked when they found the same tracker on other  websites. You can also click Privacy badger icon to see the statistics of websites being blocked by this  Chrome extension.


Click&Clean Google Chrome Security Extension
By using Google Chrome you have option of incognito mode to get rid having history, saved cookies, browser cache or more. Click & Clean gives you all options of Google Chrome by choosing manually deleting of all these or customize to choose automatically. The main focus of this extension is to ensure the securely use of Google Chrome.

Soon you close the browser, it will automatically start monitoring the browser by running a privacy checkup for unwanted program access, malicious code, tracking, saved login info,  and delete them accordingly.

5-HTTPS Everywhere:

HTTPS Everywhere Google Chrome Extension
HTTPS Everywhere is one of the most trusted Chrome extension to automatically redirect to the https version of this site (if it has), this simple yet powerful action will enhance your website security.

Although Chrome itself has introduced this feature to ensure whether site has enabled https or not, if not it may give you warning to proceed. The best thing of this extension is to force website for the use of https if the site has this, if not than this will block the access to it.

So next time, your connectivity for that website will be more secure, reliable and track free due to the forcefully implementation of encryption to your connection.

Hope so, the above elaborated google chrome Security will help you to protect your data by enhancing your privacy while browsing using Google Chrome.

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