Best Accounting Software for Small and Medium Business

Accounting software has become an essential part to manage and promote business. So whether you are a small or medium size business owner, company manager, accountants or even an individual, you might be familiar and a user of the different types of accounting software depends upon your need and work space. Most accounting software or ERP(Enterprise resource planning) system are capable to handle expense and flow management. While several software companies offer excellent choices for small and medium sized business accounting software/ERP systems, including AP automation/mass payments.

best accounting software for small and medium size business

Today there might be not any industry that are familiar and being using on of the accounting software to manage their financial matters through mobile devices, so it is even more easy to handle your accounting activities along with other digital marketing strategies on the go.

5 Best Accounting Software Collection for Small and Medium Sized Business :

Depends upon the company size, need and the available features, here I have elaborated some of the best collection of accounting software that will surly help to take up your business at the top level. Most of the accounting software offers free trial that may be extended to as per need.

1-NetSuite ERP:

NetSuite is owned by Oracle and based upon cloud ERP software system. It works on a wide range of ERP modules called Suites that worked together to provide accounting solutions for small business. Usually small and mid sized aimed to grow their business by expanding it to international locations. NetSuite is designed to scale with business growth and is considered as on of the best for automation & workflows for over 20 years around the globe.

Key Features of NetSuite software:

  • Provides real-time business insights to handle planning, budget, cash flow management etc.
  • Offer solution for financial, inventory, warehouse and also supply chain management.
  • NetSuite One World to deal with global reach and international accounting.

2-Intuit QuickBooks:

QuickBooks is accounting software merely use for personal and small business nearly across every industry. This software supports basic accounting functions and book keeping. However, user can get their advanced features like pay roll and others with their paid services at nominal prices.

Whether you need invoicing and financial reporting or want accountant access, ban reconciliations, this accounting software can be a one windows solution for all your accounting issues, especially if you are a small business honor.

Key Features of QuickBooks software:

  • Easy to setup and use without any professional help or accounting experience.
  •  You can customize its Several core QuickBooks functions as per your industrial requirement.
  • Integrations are available with over 750 business applications from internal system to famous ecommerce website including eBay, Amazon, PayPal etc.

3-Zoho Books:

Zoho Books is an accounting software that is especially designed accounting software for small, mid and even large business solutions. Offers its services in more than 11 different languages to handle accounting matters across the globe. So whether One can find many features using its free version and can go for pro for more advanced reach.

Key Features of Zoho Books software:

  • Features to handle growing business at small, medium and large scale.
  • Offers range of features including cash flow management, invoicing, automated workflow creation, expense tracking and etc.
  • Allow users to invoice its clients in their currency.


When talking about one of the easiest and simplest accounting software, than FreshBooks is at the list. due to its simple UI, even two or more employees are enough to handle it. That’s why it is recommended for very small or personal accounts management. It can be adopted for medium and large companies, simply add some advanced tools to handle accounts.

Key Features of Fresh Books software:

  • Cloud based accounting software to manage finances with its range of features.
  • Easy to navigate due its user-friendly interface.
  • compatible with android and iOS to use it at the go.


Xero is a global accounts management solution being subscribed by about 4 millions people and business owners. With their user-friendly interface,  each of their client can get smart accounting management tools along with a dedicated  cloud based accounting ledger. The software can also handle financial transaction of  their clients over a secure connection, especially in the banking sector as well as their collaboration with other apps, machines and even ecommerce sites.

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Key Features of Xero Accounting software:

  • Automated financial reporting, balance sheets and financial statements can be produced in single click.
  • Integration with other third party business apps to run their financial management with more flexibility.
  • Dedicated business dashboard to access real time stats of money transections.


Accounting software has become an important part of business in small and even in medium and enterprise level. It is not the time to take a lot of paper work to carry but just you need a smart device to handle your accounts on the go. There may be not a single company that is  being using or even familiar with these accounting software. The thing is to cash the time with less effort and more precision.

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