How to Clear Instagram Search History on Mobile and Computer

clear Instagram search history

Learn to delete or clear your Instagram search history or search suggestions on Instagram apps on android, iPhone, and computer browsers. We know that all Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram keep a record of search history while using it on android, iPhone, or even PC browsers. The sites usually use the … Read more

How to Make Private Phone Calls on Android and iOS

make private phone calls on android and iOS

Sometimes it becomes mandatory to make private phone calls so that your identity might be hidden from unknown persons. Especially, while using craigslist sites, getting online quotes from a dealer, setting up some dating site, or even getting a return call from your office. This kind of repetitive call might be a short or long-term … Read more

How to Stop Page Redirects to other Websites

stop page redirects automatically in browsers

While using the internet, we might have experienced page redirects to other websites. Whether the links point to some pages asking to download some malicious software or even some useful content. In both cases, we might think to stop page redirects of these kinds. Because page redirection is not always a user-friendly experience for many web searchers. … Read more