How to Clear System Storage on MAC

While working on MAC, it is very common to run out of storage. Although Apple has launched system storage with a large hard disk, MAC users may still face a low storage warning. In order to handle the hard disk space issue, one can thick to manually delete these files but it may take a … Read more

How to Block Someone on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has become a great source of communication with end-to-end encryption not only for personal, friends, and family but for the business platforms also. By communicating you may share or receive a variety of media with or without your will. But sometimes the chat or media may annoy you that needs to be stopped. Especially … Read more

How to Turn off Comments on Instagram Post

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How to block someone on Twitter Account

Twitter is an easy way to share thoughts and updates with your friends and even common people. But it may become a nightmare when some of your friends are just making fun of you or you may not be happy with his tweets. It may also be possible that you don’t like self-promoting posts, spam, … Read more