How To Disable Facebook Timeline and Get Old Profile

disable facebook timeline

Facebook an emerging social media have many amazing features in order to entertain and get informed by its users. The new Facebook Timeline is one of the utilities that inspired many of the persons including me. Because it has many features like sharing images, videos, posts, and many other things with inspiring looks. Read Also: Manage … Read more

How to Find Someone IP address using Facebook Chat

Trace ip address using facebook chat

While chatting on Facebook with someone, you may curious to know the exact location of that Facebook user and he may be not willing to tell you, but don’t worry. just read ” How to Find Someone IP address through Facebook Chat “. Exactly what happened, we know that every computer, smartphone, laptop, or mobile phone … Read more

How to Unblock a Friend on Facebook

unblock facebook friends

Facebook, a leading social media enhance the user-friendly platform for a couple of years. Like others, you can have more options to explore the world, not only with media but also with chat and other so many things. So while chatting on Facebook we may block some of the friends but after a while or … Read more