5 Best Clipboard Manager for Windows 10, 11

Windows clipboard manager is a very effective built-in utility to copy text, images, and emojis to use later in other programs accordingly. Although its function has been improved as per the upgradation of Windows still there are some limitations to its use. So in order to be more convenient, a third-party software is here to … Read more

10 Best ChatGPT Alternatives (Free and Paid)

Technology has always worked for humanity to enrich emerging ideas and the latest inventions. Life has become more systematic since the advancement in the IT field and with the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI). The best part of the field was played by OpenAI with the introduction of ChatGPT. Since then, whether you are a … Read more

Best Driver Updater Software for Windows PC

It is always recommended to update the drivers of windows pc to improve the system’s performance and enhance its security. In order to check the latest versions, Microsoft Windows has features that either install the driver’s updates to computers automatically or at least be prompted them to update. Due to the connectivity of external devices … Read more

Best Free Anonymous Browsers to Protect your Online Privacy on Windows and MAC

Wana the best and free anonymous browsers with high privacy for saving online browsing, then this article is for you. Anonymous or private browsing is an untraceable way to surf the internet safely. Although modern browsers like Chrome or Firefox prove incognito windows options that may be safe up to some extent still also VPN … Read more

Top 7 Search Engines in The World to Know Web Perfectly

top search engines of the world

When talking about the web queries related to our daily routine or some specific task, luckily we have top search engines, just go to any search engine, put some keywords and get your desired information in the form of audio, video, text, and even images across the globe in few seconds. It seems to be … Read more