Manage Your Facebook Brand Page from IPhone Easily

facebook page manager

Yesterday Facebook has unveiled a new application known as Facebook pages manager, through this, you can manage your Facebook brand page from your iPhone quite easily. The question is what is special in this iPhone application…? the answer is quite simple by using this application you can easily get a command of your branded pages … Read more

Pebble iPhone Compatible Wristwatch

iphone comptible wristwath

Kickstarter is famous for new and emerging ideas. what’s now revealed..? it is iPhone compatible Pebble Wristwatch. which is not only compatible with iPhone but also supported Android smartphones, just like Google project Glass this device is also innovative and is setting new trends. Read Also: Best Smartphones with longest battery life Pebble iPhone Compatible Wristwatch … Read more

Goodbye to Android Market,Hello to Google Play

Good bye to android market hello to google play

Goodbye to the android market and hello to Google Play….who said so, of course, one name and it is Google, week, the famous search engine, and now a popular technology target setter. let’s come to the story. Google is bringing changing day by day to bring new horizons in the field of mobile technology and … Read more

USES of NFC Technology in Smartphones for Wireless Communication


hi friends many of us have heard about NFC technology while roaming around the globe, but some of them (including me) may are not familiar with this term…so let’s see what is NFC ? and its use in Smartphone applications. What Is NFC? Near field communication, or NFC, allows for simplified transactions, data exchange, and wireless … Read more