Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Chrome and Firefox

facebook keyboard shortcuts

Facebook is becoming a popular and emerging social media among internet users. Every one of us must spend some of the time on Facebook for gossips and exchanging views. The purpose of the article under consideration is to provide some Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts for ease and efficient work for Facebook lovers so that they can … Read more

Amazing Number Magic Trick In Facebook – fb magic Status Trick

facebook majic number

Facebook number magic trick (FB magic trick) is the shortcodes numbers used as the Facebook magic status code (FB magic status), so paste the code in status, got comments and see the magic. Many of the Facebook readers may know about this but some of them(like me) get about it today. Now let’s see what is magic trick … Read more

Check The Keyword Density By Using Keyword Density Checker

keyword density checker

keyword Density Plays an important role in the life of a blog to bring it up in Search Ranking. In this article, I will tell you a simple way to check the keyword density of your post, but first of all, we should know about Keyword Density. what is Keyword Density..? According to Wikipedia “Keyword … Read more

Want to get more traffic-use Ping Services

ping services

Every blogger wants to share his post among readers as a maximum number, for this, he tries to get more traffic using different tactics like SEO, anchor text ….there is also a service that most of the bloggers and webmasters are using known as Ping services. Today’s post is about these services The popular CMS WordPress … Read more