How to Find out the Top Rankings Keywords Of your Own Blog Using Google Analytics

top rankings kewords using google analytics

Keywords are the most effective part of blog contents,selection of  right keywords will not only make your content search friendly but will also help to improve  Google Page Rank of  your blog. In today’s post I will explain a simple and important way to find out the  top rankings keywords of your own blog by … Read more

3 Safe ways to get Backlinks after Google Penguin Update

Google Penguin safe backlinks

Getting safe Backlinks by keeping in view Google Panda or Google Penguin update is really important as well as a  challenge not only for the blog but also for the bloggers. Especially if you are a pro blogger and want to introduce your blog content to other internet lovers. In order to get backlinks, you … Read more

How to Add Your Blog To Technorati Directory

Technorati logo

Technorati is one of the largest and growing blog directory.It has already millions of bloggers listed and each day its network is growing.Google,Bing and other search engines loves the blogs associated with it and measures its Rank by its Popularity. It is also a great tool to promote your content and alternatively will become a … Read more

How to recover your blog from Google Panda update Penalty

Google Panda and Penguin

Google Panda update is one of the hot issues for bloggers and especially for those who are affected by this update and worried to find tips for recovery from it. Also if they have invested a lot in SEO and other tacts to increase blog traffic but still Google takes notice and penalized their website … Read more