10 Tips To Optimize Google Search

how to optimize google search

Google has been the king of search engines for some time. It has its challenges, for the other search engines, but it remains clearly at the top for mainstream searching. 10 Tips to optimize Google search will lead us to the secretes for better search. These Google search tricks will also save our precious time … Read more

Most Wanted Google Chrome Tips and Shortcuts

Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts

Hi, I have come with the most wanted Google chrome tips and shortcuts today, these will surely make your search friendly and move you across the chrome more effectively. You can bookmark any website with one click, can open any webpage without leaving any history, and much more. so you can also feel free to … Read more

Goodbye to Android Market,Hello to Google Play

Good bye to android market hello to google play

Goodbye to the android market and hello to Google Play….who said so, of course, one name and it is Google, week, the famous search engine, and now a popular technology target setter. let’s come to the story. Google is bringing changing day by day to bring new horizons in the field of mobile technology and … Read more