Best android apps to Watch Live TV on Smartphones

Best android apps to watch live tv

Smartphones are the best sources to use the internet world and other Android apps on the go.  Most users prefer to download android apps from the Google Play store. Being an app source of each kind, there are plenty of apps also available online on Google Play Store and other third-party sources for Android apps to watch … Read more

Samsung Gear S vs Moto 360 – Smart watches Comparison

samsung gear s vs moto 360 smart watches comparison

Most of the smartphones and tablets looks smiler, built from the same material and may have same shape, but have different features and functions. Similarly the smart watches that created a new smartphones trend but still there is difference among them. Since  By the arrival of Smart watches, the communication become easy now, we don’t … Read more

Top NFC Enabled Smartphones

Top NFC enabled Smartphones

When talking about the top  nfc enabled smartphones then the name of some famous brands flash in our mind,but there are some ranges of smartphones that may be not  in that list.So i have come up with such famous nfc enabled smartphones that have created a lot of ease and entertainment in our life. Also … Read more

Bicycles will get automatic transmission by Smartphones

A demo bike equipped with the automatic gear-shifting system

It was the time when riders rely on the gears of bicycles but now technology has changed itself and bicycles get an automatic transmission that can be controlled by any smartphone. This all was done by the first automatic gear developed by UK Cambridge consultants. Who was working hard on developing this project for a … Read more

Magic Finger Can Turns any surface Into Touch Interface

magic finger

Autodesk Research develops a device known as “Magic Finger” that can turn any surface to detect touch input by shifting the touch technology from the surface to the wearer’s finger. This device is developed by, the University of Alberta and the University of Toronto is a small micro camera and optical flow sensor that attaches … Read more

Endurance Dricase Is Here To Keep Your iPhone Dri Under Water

Endurance-Dricase for iphone

Every iPhone lover wants to keep his iPhone safe from water. But what happened during a bath or going for a swim. He has to put his smartphone away from him. Do not worry now because Endurance Dricase is here to keep your iPhone dry even when you are underwater. It’s a water- and shockproof … Read more