How to block someone on Twitter Account

Twitter is an easy way to share thoughts and updates with your friends and even common people. But it may become a nightmare when some of your friends are just making fun of you or you may not be happy with his tweets. It may also be possible that you don’t like self-promoting posts, spam, … Read more

Use twitter Mute button to stop unwanted tweets on windows and smartphones

mute people on twitter

While using social media sites, especially Facebook and Twitter, you may come across some of the users whose activities may irritate you and you want to get rid of them or simply do not want to see their activities on your timeline. Although Facebook has the option to unfriend or block the activities of these … Read more

Top 10 Social Bookmarking Websites by Page Rank and Alexa Rank

top 10 social bookmarking websites

We all know that Social Networking and Social Bookmarking is a great way to share your favorite links with the world! Social Bookmarks provide more than backlinks – they also can provide additional traffic to your blog/sites and hence will become a great source to increase page rank and Alexa rank. Social Bookmarking has become … Read more