How to Enable Windows 10 Dark Mode Theme

enable dark mode in windows 10

These days Mobile Phones, iPads and Tabs has become the source of info,entertainment and business on the go. There is no escape of it. You have to switch among these and keep yourself intact with the small and large display screens. Although, these gadgets are enough but PC and laptops has their own important to … Read more

Windows 10 Taskbar Not Working – Problem Fixed

7 Fixes for Windows 10 Taskbar Not Working Problem

Windows 10 users might have experienced the attractive user interface (UI) by customizing start menu, taskbar and other windows components to make it more user friendly. But what happened while customizing taskbar, when you see frozen, unresponsive or not working windows 10 taskbar, then you are not the alone. There are many have faced such … Read more

5 best Windows Photo Viewer Alternative Softwares for Windows 10

best photo viewer alternative software collection

You must have tried Windows Photo Viewer Software to view your Photos and other rich media in Windows 7 and might its earlier versions. That was the best photo viewer software of its time. Although Microsoft has tried to give the best experience by providing updated and latest version in its  Windows 10. But many of … Read more

How to Enable or Disable Touch Screen in Windows 10

Enable or Disable Touch Screen In Windows 10

Touch Screen Tablets and Laptops have become an essential part of exploring the world in a single touch. By the time people have become more familiar with the touch screens due to the immense usage of smartphones. Although smartphones have become handy to use, still laptops and Windows PC’s have their own place. In today’s … Read more