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Download VillainROM 1.0, First Custom ROM For Samsung Galaxy S II

There’s no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S II is the current Android smartphone king, and the detailed hands on Samsung Galaxy S II review substantiates that. So as jail breaking is to iOS, rooting is to Android. Presenting VillainROM 1.0, based on XWKE2, the first custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S II. The developer, pulser_g2, has published a clear-cut disclaimer: /** You were the one who flashed this ROM. That means if you mess it up, you can only blame yourself. This ROM is tested […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 – Features and Specifications

Samsung Galaxy S4 is the latest smartphone brand of the Korean company.When talking about its specification then its large 5 inch display with full HD vision will lead all other mobile phones of the era. Although Samsung Galaxy S3 has all the features but still the latest smartphone have captured the users and let them to take it in their palm soon. In today’s article we will see whether this smartphone can stable its existence among the other world’s leading […]

Best Social Mobile in Android for the year 2012

Best Social Mobile in Android for the year 2012 is the topic of today.Social media has now become an integrated part of your life. You cannot imagine your day without the updates in our social networks. This is true as your day starts with updating your social page and ends with it. This is the story of almost all. We are currently addicted to this. Social network has literally cut down the global barriers and has made communication possible and […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – Specifications and Features

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is no more  a rumor but now it has become the eye of android lovers,that ‘s why I am here with the Specifications and features of new Samsung Galaxy Note 2. There was a time when people are in the age of some older products of tabs and mobile phone but now the second generation Samsung Galaxy Note 2 enable us to have the experience of latest Android 4.1 Jelly bean Operating System (OS),enriched with […]

Apple iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S III

The Samsung Galaxy S III has been around the Globe since May 2012 and iPhone 5 is also in hands now,both have sleek design,impressive look but which should buy iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S III. We’ve taken a look at the features of both phones, put them in the ring and told them only one is coming out alive. Here’s how they fared…You will get a hands on comparison between these two smartphones in today’s post. Comparison between Apple […]

How to Enable NFC On Samsung Galaxy SII

If you have Samsung galaxy S II enabled with Jelly Bean ROM,then there are chances to restore the wireless service of  NFC on your Samsung Galaxy S II.  But how I will explain in today’s Post. We all know that Near Field Communication (NFC ) is being the most popular wireless way of communication in these days. Especially in the Smartphones and touch phones of today’s age. To Know More Read : NFC – a useful way of Wireless Communication […]

Samsung Unveils its Cheapest Android Dual SIM Phone,Galaxy Pocket Duos

Recently Samsung unveils its cheapest android based dual sim phone,Samsung Galaxy Pocket Duos. When talking about the other smartphones released by Samsung It is proved to be the cheapest android based dual sim phone. When talking about its specifications and hardware , Samsung Galaxy Pocket Duos is a dual-SIM version of the Galaxy Pocket, a 2.8-inch Android device announced nearly half a year ago that immediately became the cheapest smartphone available from such a recognized name like Samsung. Read Also: Samsung unveils new […]