10 Best Free Online Punctuation Checker Tool to Correct Grammar Mistakes

The most effective part of writing a blog post or any other content is grammar checking and proofreading. Especially, if you are not a regular content writer and have English as not your native language, then the situation may be a little difficult for you. Even for a professional writer, these online punctuation checker tools will … Read more

Free online Duplicate Content Checker Tools for Webmasters

Free online Duplicate Content Checker Tools

Duplicate content can seriously harm the rankings of your website. Especially if you have a multi-author web blog or accepting guest posts. So in order to avoid copied content, I have summed up detail of the best Free Duplicate Content Checker tools or FREE plagiarism checker tools that can easily detect pirated content. Why We Should … Read more

6 tips to increase Domain authority

how to increase domain authority

The term domain authority is widely used these days and most SEO experts emphasize the importance of domain authority and the tips to increase it. The question is why we are so caring about domain authority. The answer is simple and realistic because Google Page Rank is the measure of only a few factors including do follow … Read more

5 Things to Consider before accepting Guest Posts to Your Blog

things to consider before accepting guest posts

Since Guest Posts are the great source adopted by most of the bloggers and webmasters so there are certain things to remember before accepting guest posts to your blog. It needs a little and timeless effort to accept and publish guest posts and in return, they provide one or two backlinks to the Guest author. … Read more