Funny Facebook Chat Emotions


Facebook symbols and smileys Play a vital role in describing the emotions during the Facebook chat. To continue the same I am here with new funny Facebook chat emoticons. These Facebook chat emotions will surely make your chat more funny and interesting. In my previous, I have introduced some Facebook chat symbols and smileys That … Read more

Top 10 Social Bookmarking Websites by Page Rank and Alexa Rank

top 10 social bookmarking websites

We all know that Social Networking and Social Bookmarking is a great way to share your favorite links with the world! Social Bookmarks provide more than backlinks – they also can provide additional traffic to your blog/sites and hence will become a great source to increase page rank and Alexa rank. Social Bookmarking has become … Read more

Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Chrome and Firefox

facebook keyboard shortcuts

Facebook is becoming a popular and emerging social media among internet users. Every one of us must spend some of the time on Facebook for gossips and exchanging views. The purpose of the article under consideration is to provide some Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts for ease and efficient work for Facebook lovers so that they can … Read more