Free online Duplicate Content Checker Tools for Webmasters

Duplicate content can seriously harm the rankings of your website. Especially if you have multi author web blog or accepting guest posts. So in order to avoid copied content, I have summed up a detail of the best Free Duplicate Content Checker tools or FREE plagiarism checker tools that can easily detect the pirated content. Why We Should use Duplicate Content Checker Tools: There are many reason to use duplicate content checker tools, Let’s say we have published a seo friendly […]

How to find all unread Emails in Gmail Account Easily

Gmail is a fast growing, reliable and free email service owned by millions of users worldwide. Due to its variety of features  & applications, every one has CONFIDENCE on it. Since most of the communication is being made through this email service, so we may have a lot of emails from various people daily right in our email box. Whether we are the users of pc, laptop or even mobile phone, we wish to filter in such a way that […]

How to Find IP address of Router on Computer or Smartphone

We might have faced a situation when either we have to upgrade the firmware of our existing router or want to secure it by changing its default password or may have an issue of IP address conflict. In all cases, we must know the default gateway or have to find router IP address being used. Although there are many ways to find IP address of a router, I will elaborate those which are valid and user-friendly and also can equally be […]

Best Alternative to Windows Movie Maker Software (Free and Paid)

Windows Movie Maker is no doubt the best free Movie making and video editor software. This built-in software has great features and often no other alternative third-party software needs to deal with Media. It was quite good before the arrival of Windows 10 because Microsoft has decided to discontinue their built-in Windows Movie Maker software this year along with all other references to a potential new version for Windows 10. However, windows 7 and earlier users can enjoy all features […]

How to Setup a Proxy Server in Windows 10

Learn to setup a Proxy Server in Windows 10 with Automatic and Manual Proxy setup in simple steps. A Proxy server is an intermediate source between computer and internet. The use of Proxy servers has become common and essentials especially for the large corporate companies. Especially to compress cache,web traffic and web pages for the internet. It can save a lot of precious bandwidth for a website, especially when it has hundred and thousands of employs or account holder accessing […]

Top 10 Sites Like Craigslist to Sell and Buy Products Online

Looking for some sites like craigslist or want some alternatives to craigslist to advertise your products online, then this topic is for you. No doubt, Craigslist is assumed to be the best place for product advertisement, due to its clear layout and advanced sites identifying technology. Also, there is a number of market advertiser preferred to promote their product locally on craigslist. Being internet marketer, we want to sell our products at some suitable website online. Although there are a lot of […]

Top 5 Best iOS Emulator for PC Windows to run iPhone Apps

The best iOS emulator for PC windows with app store used to run Apple iPhone and IPad apps will be discussed in today’s topic. As we know that Apple iPhone is one f the famous and competitive brands among other in the market, all is due to its features and other huge variety of apps and Games available in the Apple app store. The persons having iPhone and Ipad can equally enjoy the ios apps both on their devices as […]