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Increase Website Traffic through Social Media and See Increase in Sales and Profits

The field of business is very competitive. Every businessman knows that he or she should study the market and trends well if he wants to get out of the battle alive. Otherwise, there will be nothing left in the business, but credits and losses. So what do you have to do to keep your business alive, or rise above the rest? Social media might just be what you need. Social media is one of the most powerful tools which help […]

On Page SEO Techniques to Improve Search Engine Rankings

On Page Seo is perhaps the most common technique used by many bloggers to improve their search engine rankings. Many of us has a lot of knowledge about it, but there are some bloggers and internet marketers that have only heard its name and may have not implemented it completely or may not have enough knowledge of how to use it to bring their content at the top pages of search engines. Why do we need  on Page seo: Before […]

How to Create a Filter in Gmail Account

Create a Filter in Gmail account is a great tool offered for gmail account holders. Millions of people are using gmail account for email,social media and much more, but few of them may have knowledge to use gmail filter for incoming emails. This feature will not only sort emails as you desire but can also block emails from specific senders,with some specific words,titles,help to gmail account recovery and even manage to automatically forward the emails to the address specified by […]

How to Create Custom Facebook Chat Emoticons with Simple Methods

Facebook is becoming an emerging social media, along with its vast features of commenting, customize  Facebook updates, sharing links, pictures,changing profiles… there are also lot more interesting stuff to share and see. In short it is like a search engine at its own place. So Let’s see how can we create custom Facebook Chat emoticons through this simple and powerful social media. Read Also: Funny Facebook Chat Emoticons &              How to send colorful message during Facebook […]

How to Install and Setup WP Super Cache Plugin

Cache Plugins play a vital role to optimize the site loading time along with other factors. For this Purpose WP Super Cache plugin and W3 Total Cache Plugin are widely used by most of the bloggers and webmasters, because this will not only help to improve website performance but will also help to balance huge amount of traffic and alternatively will increase search engine rankings. Although there are other Cache plugins used by bloggers but we will highly recommend one […]

How to migrate your blog from Blogger to WordPress

Blogger is a free tool to start blogging in these days, many bloggers have setup blogs (like just to have blogging. But soon after they realized the limitations of this sub domain and want to start the blogging on self hosted platform (like Although there are many CMS , but the most effective and user friendly is wordpress. They also wished to keep rankings , Search Engine Traffic, users , subscribers and even fans. But how…? I will […]

How to Unhide all Hidden Files and Folders in USB Flash Drive

How to unhide all hidden files and folders in usb flash drive is the main and common problem of computer users. We may have such usb flash drive,pen drive ,memory card or any other portable memory drive that is infected by any virus or malware. So in that case the usb drive will show some data in memory but will not display all files or may hide some of files. This is very embarrassing situation, because we may have important […]

Does Facebook usage impact Google SEO?

Can our Facebook activity really affect Google SEO? If we happen to like a web page it does not show up on our profile, that’s one important aspect of Google not having access to see we’ve Liked. It means Google is unable to tell when a certain authority has endorsed their opinion via a Like or not. What’s possible is that they can execute the “JavaScript” for the Like buttons on a specific page, but will not be able to […]