Top Free SEO Tools For Website Optimization

Website Optimization is an important factor for improving search engine optimization of any website, it is also important for the survival of any website, it is just like to supply oxygen for website living…Most of the webmasters just ignore it or take it secondary while other take it seriously up to some extent… Website optimization will not only improve search engine rankings but will also make your website user-friendly and popular among your readers and force them to stay and […]

How to Stop Spam User Registration Using WordPress Plugin

Spam user registration is very common and little bit irritating for the new bloggers especially for the multi author blog, irritating in that sense because every day the bloggers receive many emails that have spam user name or email. Every day he wastes a lot of time to sort out these kind of emails. The same kind of problem was also faced by me, although i have used some anti bot CAPTCHA but the problem was there , after taking […]

Instant Eyedropper-color picker tool for webmasters and Designers

Being a webmaster,we often need to know the color code of or specified color on the screen,for this we may use the old method to take screen short of that area and then paste it in the Photoshop or other software to identify the right color.This practice may involve a little of time. Although there are some online color picker Google Chrome and Firefox extensions to pick the right color,but what should we do when we need the color in […]

How to secure Gmail Account using Google 2 step verification

Every one wants to secure Gmail account,for this normally strong Passwords,enhanced security questions and even sms and email alert are used for change in Gmail Password. But along with all these  even there are chances to hack or some kind of unethical access to your Gmail account . So in that case what should do …..? But need not to worry because now it is very easy to secure Gmail Account using Google 2 step verification.The 2 step verification is also […]

How to add a Sticky Floating Sidebar Widget in WordPress

In some of the websites you may have noticed something sticky and floating widget while scrolling down the page. This may be a newsletter,signup box,some social media icons,Facebook like box or even some affiliate marketing products,all the purpose of the floating sidebar widget is actually to attract most of the visitors and to make your blog popular. In order to make your blog enable to show the sticky floating sidebar widget,there are some codes that can be used,but as you […]

How to Build Relationship with Other Bloggers

To Build relationship should be the prime objective of every starter and pro blogger,Not only for the survival of him but also for the blog he want to be in the blogging world. Although some bloggers may be think different over the idea given,for this they only consider to have highly optimized blog content,some good organic traffic and may a little social media engagement.But these are not all to build relationship with other bloggers,because these steps can promote your blog […]

How to Successfully Advertise Using Social Media

For marketers looking for ways to successfully advertise on social media, there’s a plethora of information out there. But much of it is very lengthy, exceedingly complicated, and it just gets glossed over and not absorbed. Information dealing with successful social media advertising doesn’t have to be wordy, confusing or boring. Below, you will read about some fantastic ways to do things correctly in your advertising. These five tips can be put into play right away and can help you […]

6 tips to increase Domain authority

The term domain authority is widely used in these days and most of the SEO experts emphasis on the importance of domain authority and the tips to increase it. The question is why we are so caring about domain authority when there is already a Google Page Rank authority introduced and owned by most of the bloggers and publishers…..? The answer is simple and realistic because Google Page Rank is the measure of only few factors including do follow Quality backlinks while in domain authority there […]

Top 20 Free ways to increase blog traffic

Creating seo friendly blog and then try to increase blog traffic is the prior objective of every blogger. So many ways are being used for this but as we know by the passage of time and especially after Google search algorithm,there are more need to know the ways to increase blog traffic. So that the blog may not penalized and can also ranked well in Google search Results. The topic of today is consisting list  of such ways,although some of […]