4 Best Related Posts Plugins for WordPress Blog

4 best related posts plugins for wordpress blog are especially for those bloggers who are getting less page views or whose readers are just leaving  current page without clicking any other page,blog post or category. If you are facing such problem then you are not the alone because there are many bloggers who want to increase page views,impressions. These wordpress Plugins will help to  reduce bounce rate and also to increase user interaction with your blog . Although It is […]

How to Customize your Facebook Updates

Facebook has brought a leading impact on its users through its vast features. This Social Media has summed up many new things especially for the bloggers and affiliate marketers. Today I am going to share the trick that will not only make your blog post seo friendly but will also help to increase its popularity among other users. This trick is simply related with the status update on Facebook Page,Facebook Timeline or on the Wall. May be some of the […]

Detailed insight on 4 free WordPress Plugin Promotional Strategies

Over all these years, WordPress has been competent in gaining an edge over other content management systems(CMSs). With the growing popularity of WordPress CMS, there has been an incredible increase in the demand for plugins and extensions that can be of use to the WordPress community. If you too have developed a brand new WordPress plugin, its time to choose the right plugin promotional strategy that will aid you in growing the reach of your plugin. This blog makes you […]

How to Make Your RSS Feeds Helpful For Your SEO Strategy

RSS feeds are the best communication medium to the blog readers and it gives significant number of traffic around the internet. This RSS feeds should have broad unique theme with of eye catchy title and content. Optimizing your website with according to the RSS feeds structure and well maintaining on them will make your website or blog more exposure to large number of peoples. How to Make Your RSS Feeds Helpful For Your SEO Strategy: The following SEO strategies will […]

6 Things to do after Publishing blog post

Writing seo friendly blog post is the prime objective of every blogger, for this he best effort to make his blog post popular. But only publishing blog post is enough for him, or he should to do some other things to promote blog post..? Yes of course, because he needs blog readers, the regular visitors for his blog content. He has to adopt some ways to increase traffic to his blog. So you need not to worry because I’ve compiled […]

Use twitter Mute button to stop unwanted tweets on windows and smartphones

While using social media sites especially Facebook and twitter, you may come across some of the users whose activities may irritate you and you want to get rid of them or simple do not want to see their activities at your time line. Although Facebook has option to unfriend or block the activities of these users at your timeline, but the this option was not available at world’s second largest Social media site Twitter. But now twitter has introduced this […]

Google Panda 4 update and Payday Loan 2 are rolling out to hit SEO

Google always try to improve the search results of those websites that are not involved in any kind of black hat seo or some  other unethical way to improve SER’P. In lieu of that  a few days back Matt Cutts announced in Twitter about the new update in Google Algorithm named by Google Panda 4 update along with Payday Loan 2. According to the spokesman Google Panda 4 update is for websites having  low quality,thin,poor or duplicate content”  while Payday […]

Top 10 Tips to Secure WordPress Blog

You have developed a very good and seo friendly content, getting handsome traffic, have a multiple social media sharing…But still you are forgetting one thing and it is to secure  wordpress blog. So why your wordpress blog security is essential…? If you know the answer then it is good if not then need not to worry and you have to keep on reading just to understand why you should secure wordpress blog and which tips will help you to do […]