Top Free Websites to Watch Live TV Online on Computer

There are plenty of websites available to watch live tv online both on computer and smartphone. Although many websites provide free live tv streaming but still most of them compromised on quality and of course some of them demands for some amount to continue live streaming on these websites. I have compiled a list of those online streaming websites that will not only provide quality links but will also not charge a single penny for free tv streaming, the only thing […]

Top 10 Best Free Keylogger Softwares to Monitor Keystrokes in Windows

In order to check the keystroke activity of a computer,like password typed,social media activity,taking screen shorts or some other sensitive information, a small piece of software or a hardware device is used namely as Keylogger. For most of the users a keylogger in the form of a small software is preferred,rather than a hardware device, since one can easy detect it and the purpose of the keylogger will be no longer. loggers are mainly used by the Parents to record […]

Essential SEO trends for Content Marketing

Essential Seo tends has been a hot topic of all time, Search engine optimization (SEO) is a top-notch industry that is developing leaps and bounds as a symbol of change and evolution. The giant “Google” stands demonstrating the rapidly growing power of SEOs. Google, which was once started as a small concern with a simple banner is now one of the major giants to whom people look up to. The change is such that people look into Google not only […]

Top Google Play Store Tips and Tricks

Being a smartphone user, we often visit Google Play Store to update new applications or to download new ones. The use is so simple, but some how or other we may feel that some apps while downloading should not display as shortcut on the home screen, or want to restrict the automatic update of installed apps, and many more….there are few settings and configuration that may help to better manage download, purchases and even our devices. Top Google Play Store […]

How to Embed Facebook Message Button on Your Website

How to embed Facebook Message Button on your website is the topic of today. Email has always be the most easy and reliable source of communication and to send messages. Even now most of the people rely on this source and of course they have reason to do that. many website owners have used the email form to subscribe and communicate with the readers, but soon or later people realized that the method is a little lazy and there should […]

The Benefits of Unlocking your iPhone

We are currently living in an era wherein modernization is being cultivated. Our lifestyle primarily revolves on technology. Gone are the days wherein communication is a barrier. Reaching our loved ones is just a click away and is hassle-free. With the advent of technology, there are so many gadgets created that cater one’s personal style. The cost efficiency of a particular product will also affect as to whether or not a user will purchase the gadget for practical reasons. As […]

URL Shortening Services to increase Social Media Engagement

URL Shortening services are becoming popular among the bloggers and webmasters.Many of us are using this tool to shorten long url and easily share it among  fellows & friends on social media,conversations and forums. Although some of the url shortening websites offered limited time to use their services but most of them provide this service to shorten url for life time including url description and API. Today i am going to share How to use url shortening services to increase […]