How to Remove Password Protection from PDF Files Using Google Chrome

Learn to remove PDF password from password protected PDF files by using Google Chrome and save unlocked & unprotected file to Computer. Receiving and sending password protected PDF files to one another is a common practice in these days. Especially if we receive a PDF file from some credit card company which have some personal information, or exchanging some PDF document officially and to keep its security, it is usually password protected. Since each PDF file is protected by a unique […]

Use Google Chrome Password Manager to Show Saved Password

How to Use Google Chrome Password Manager to Show Saved Password hidden under asterisks is the topic of today. While using Personal Computer/Laptops in Office or home, we usually save the password for our most visited websites like Facebook, Gmail etc. Although that is not a good practice, because someone may use our system in our absence and can steal important info, but somehow if we wished for our ease to not remember Password and also not to type the […]

How to Update Windows Photo Viewer Software in Windows 7

Learn to update windows photo viewer software for windows 7. If you have outdated version of windows photo viewer software then you need to update it through windows update feature on the computer. So that you can view the digital photos on your computer with great user experience. Although the old versions of windows like windows XP, windows vista have their own photo viewer software. Windows 7 also has its own latest photo viewer but with more advanced features than the […]

Social Media Tips: Drive Unlimited Facebook Traffic for Free

So you want unlimited Traffic to your website for free, Use Facebook Social Media Tips to drive Free Facebook traffic to your website or blog. Although there are other social medias like Twitter, Reddit, Stumbleupon, and LinkedIn, but Facebook Social media have its own importance, due to a lot of features for its users, from free content posting to blog promotion. If you are a new blogger and struggling to increase blog traffic, then here is the topic just for you. Just […]

How to Hide Friends List on Facebook From Public and Only Visible to You

Did you know that You can Hide Facebook Friends list from others and make it only visible to you…? Yes, it is… Maybe many of us have a knowledge of this Facebook Privacy feature if no then this tutorial will guide you to hide your facebook friends list from others even from everyone and only you can see it.Since it is the Prime objective of every Facebook user to protect his Facebook Account and his info from the unknown person, and […]

Gmail Search Tips – Search Gmail by Date and Time

Gmail Search Tips to search Gmail by date and time, by email size, file extension and much more.. in today’s topic. Gmail has many features to make it user-friendly like to create a filter, automatically delete spam emails, find Gmail account creation date and so on… The hidden advanced Gmail search operators to search emails by date and time is perhaps the lesser known but most effective Gmail Search tips, and after applying these tips, you will be able to […]

Secure Facebook Account from Being Hacked – Follow Easy Steps

How to secure Facebook account from being hacked is the topic of today. Facebook security is the major issue at all times. We are having many cases in our daily life, where someone account hacked and have to do a lot of efforts to recover hacked Facebook account. Although in many cases Facebook account recovered successfully, keeping in view the info and the case history being provided to the Facebook authority, but still there are a lot of pending cases… […]