How to Stop unwanted Blog Comments using Akismet

How to Stop unwanted Blog Comments using Akismet

The Bloggers using WordPress as CMS know very well about the unwanted blog comments and it is often become hard and annoying to see such links,so exactly what happens our lot of time spend to even go through such contents,since we have no option to delete them without a glance.The question is  from where these unwanted blog comments are coming…..The answer is that some bloggers that want to increase their Google Page Rank use such cheap methods to send such comments.But you need not to worry because I have come up today to deal such spam comments in article of how to stop unwanted blog comments using Akismet WordPress Plugin. So Let move further to see how can we get rid of such spam comments.

How to Stop unwanted Blog Comments using Akismet:

Although there are many wordpress plugins and other methods to stop unwanted blog comments but the most effective and recommended one is using Akismet anti spam plugin,see the lines below.

  1. When we start using wordpress then by default this plugin already installed,if not then you can install it manually.
  2. After installation it will ask for API key,for this go to Akismet website and sign up.stop unwanted blog comments
  3. There are three plans according to your need.
  4. select the plan and complete the process.
  5. They will mail you the username and password.
  6. Enter the key in your admin area and let Akismet to control your unwanted comments.

That’s not all Here is another way that I have learned today to get FREE Akismet API Key,it is actually not a trick it is the option for those bloggers that have active their blog before NOV,2011. So they can get their free api key by request to resend it at their email address.Try it.

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Other Alternatives to Get rid of  Spam Comments:

The followings are the ways or plugins can be used to handle such unwanted blog comments,I have just provided the list of them.

  1. Disquse
  2. Captcha
  3. Spam Karma 2
  4. Comment Timeout
  5. Bad Behavior
  6. GASP
  7. Cookie File Plug-in
  8. Grownmap

The list will provide you enough sources to stop unwanted blog comments, if you still eager then search for antispam plugin in your wordpress directory.

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