Amazing Magic Number Trick In Facebook


In this article i am going to introduce a fb trick known as amazing magic number trick in Facebook. Many of the Facebook readers may have the knowledge about this but some of them(like me) may got about it today.

Now let’s see what is magic number trick..? These fb magic numbers are nothing but the unique ID numbers of the UsersPages or Groups.

amazing magic number trick in facebook

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.When you paste the numbers in your status,they will automatically converted into link.You can also send these to your friends and ask them to paste the number in your status,they will really astonished.

So Let’s see the fb magic number trick.

How fb magic number trick Works:

  • Login it to your Facebook account.
  • Go to your profile link or to your friend profile link and find the id link in the address bar
  • Find the id number , copy it and replace it with the following number.
  • Suppose 1138515766 is the  ID with which you want to replace the code. So your code will be.
  • Now ask your friends to copy/paste this code in the status or in comment section and remove + sign from it, make it as @[1138515766:0:]
  • Then hit Enter and see the Magic.

Hope so you will enjoy the above simple magic number trick .

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