How To Navigate the Twitter with Keyboard Shortcuts

It is time  to navigate the twitter with keyboard shortcuts,now you need not to do much effort to move your cursor but just have fun with the clicks of keyboard and you will access some great features.whenever we talks about the twitter keyboard shortcutstop  social media sites,then twitter has high Google Page Rank even then Facebook and stumbleupon and still going up.So lets talk about the previous posts in which the readers of this blog has already gone through  the Gmail keyboard shortcuts and to continue this I have collected a list for twitter

twitter keyboard shortcuts

and after reading today’s post we can operate twitter even without mouse  and it will explore such options that may be not in our sight.

Twitter  Keyboard Shortcuts:

The following is the list  that you can use in navigation and timeline and much more.Remember one thing in order to access these keywords you must be login to your twitter page.



F Favorite
R Reply
T Re tweet
M Direct Message
N New Tweet
Enter Open Tweet Detail
L Close all open Tweets
? This Menu
J Next Tweet
K Previous Tweet
Space bar Page Down
/ Search
. Load New Tweets
G + H Go to Home
G + C Connect or Interactions
G + A Activity going on
G + R Mentions
G + D Discover new trends on page
G + P Go to Profile
G + F Go to Favorite
G + L Go to List of Subscribe to
G + M Go to Messages
G + S Go to Settings
G + U Go to Specific User

You can use small letters alphabets to use the above stated commands.

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