How to get Website Traffic from Specific Country or Region

To get website traffic from a specific country or region is quite important for bloggers, SEO experts as well as for the publishers and affiliate marketers.

Since the survival of a website or blog is nothing without traffic and it will be more fruitful when the traffic is coming from that region for which you wish or required.get website traffic

Since there are many ways already discussed to increase blog traffic and many of us may have handsome knowledge about that soi will focus only on the ways to get traffic from specific country or region. Before proceeding Let’s see is it important to  get website traffic from a specific country?

Is it important to get website traffic from a specific country:

As already mentioned in the primary lines of the topic the traffic from a specific country is important for all bloggers, especially when you are using some Publisher network (like Google adsense) or  working as an affiliate marketer. So that you can get targeted visitors to your website or blog and you can get handsome of your effort.

Which Countries should be focused:

Since you are focusing on specific countries so it is important to select that countries where the product or information delivered by you have much importance.

for example when you have blogged about gadgets or some technology news, then you must focus that countries or areas where these things are quite  important  and  famous and people take interest in them as compare to other ones. usually, the countries like USA, UK, Canada or Australia are important in that aspect.

It is also worth mentioning that if you want your local visitors then you must target that ones especially in affiliate marketing.

How to get Website Traffic from Specific Country or Region:

The following are the useful ways to get traffic from a specific country or region

Selection Of Domain: The first and primary thing is the selection of domain, if you want a website on some specific niche then just focus in it and try to add some info in the domain name in order to target that specific country.

Secondly  to have a domain of that country, usually, it is better to have .com or .net domain extension, because these are the internationally taken domain extensions. Also if you want to focus some special country like the usa or uk then you may use the extension of .usa or .uk, in that case, the visitors from that countries will rush towards your blog.

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Google Webmaster Tools: Google webmaster tools are the most easiest and common way to get targeted traffic. You need not to do much effort just change the selection to that country and have traffic from them, it is very easy for those who are using  webmaster tools, just

sign in to webmaster tools  > Select your website or blog  > click configuration > settings > and then in geographic target select your country.

Write content to target that country: writing quality content to target that specific country is important,forthis the primary thing is the selection of long tail keywords specific to that topic and again for that region. It is important to write such content that is useful, related and have something interested and informative so that audience may stick to your lines.

Directory and Search Engines: There are many websites  directoriesare  available, many of them provide free of cost listing by category vise, and even some of them by country or region vise too, so you can submit your website url to these directories and can target the visitor to your website.

There are also search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask are available to get your site listing and soon be viewed by your target audience.

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Use Power of Social Media: Social media have great impact on getting targeting traffic, there are many the sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc  allows you to post your content for your fans/followers and then will cause an increase in traffic, you can even target a specific group or country region to link articles.

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Link Building: Getting links from your niche specific or country specific site will also help to fetch great traffic, you can use the power of blog commenting  and can  get quality back links from these sites. All you need is to keep them natural and avoid spamming.

There are also some other ways like Email Marketing, Paid Advertisement and also white hat seo, these will help a lot to get targeted traffic.

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