How to get Targeted Keywords for better SEO

Getting targeted keywords are just like the backbone of any blog or website.It is not only helpful  in better Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but also a key to get a handsome organic traffic .(organic traffic is the source of traffic from search engines)

In today’s article I am going to guide you  the method of getting the right targeted keywords for your blog by different easy ways and also tell you why these keywords are so important for your blog or website.

Before getting to the topic first see what does the keywords stands for.

What are keywords ?

when talking about the blog or website the keywords usually come with a variety of meaning the main of them are:

  1. Keywords can be defined as the specific terms used by a person to search something in the search engine,for eample if you want to know about the term technology then the search engine will display all the websites/blogs or description related technology.
  2. In regard of search engine optimization (SEO),keywords are the exact phrase or words used by the advertisers to get their targeted traffic .
  3. For pay-per-click advertising (ppc), keywords are defined as words used by prospects for which advertisements can be created and placed on search engines. In this sense, keywords are defined broadly. Because of the way ppc platforms like Google and Overture work

How to get Targeted Keywords for better SEO:

I have defined the three main perspective mainly used in the internet.but as a blogger we should focus on such types which can brought quality and targeted traffic to our blog,for this the all above three definitions will be adopted but in different ways.

There are many sources of getting traffic but the most important and useful is organic traffic.

What should we do to have targeted keywords in order to get targeted traffic,the following two ways are commonly used

Use Google Webmaster Tools to get targeted Keywords:

Using google webmaster tools is easy and commonly used by the most webmasters.

Just go to google webmaster tools ( ) Login to your account > click your website that you have added ( if not then just add it,it is easy ),next you will see the list of keywords searcehes regarding your website > select the most search keywords and use google adwards explained below to search for the keywords.This is most propriate method to rank well in google search and to get targeted traffic.

Use Google Adwards to get targeted Keywords:

Google adwards is famous and old method of getting targeted keywords,

first login to your google adwards account > Go to  tools and Analysis > click on keyword Tools,you will get a new window like below.

Here you will see the optoion of website,go and write the name of your website and press seach. A list of all possible keywords pharases will be displayed out.

Click on the column option and check the “competition “.Now your keywords will be in the order of high,medium and low search.

choose such keywords which have three qualities.

  1. Most relative to your blog/page or website.
  2. Have comparitivly Low in competition
  3. And get high local and Global Monthly search.

Choose five to seven such keywords pharases.

How to use Targeted Keywords for better SEO:

After getting targeted keywords next step to use them properly.A wordpress blogger can use these keywords as meta tags in header.php file and can also use in plugin like all in one seo.

You can also use these keywords while writing an article or post,but one thing in your mind is its keyword density.
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In this way one can use the targeted keywords and get better search engine Rankings with lot of organic traffic.

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