How to know Someone IP address using Facebook Chat

While chatting on Facebook with someone, you may curious to know his exact location and he may be not willing to tell you, but don’t worry.just read ” How to know Someone IP address using Facebook Chat “. Exactly what happened, we know that every computer, smartphone, laptop or mobile phone connected to the internet have unique number known as IP address (internet Protocol address) having four set of numbers like number is based on the location-based connection of your computer.
Trace ip address using facebook chat

So when you are especially in the chat with another computer, the website then the IP address of all active connection is stored in the computer memory.

We all know that Facebook is one of the largest social new websites.You may have chat with one of your friends and you are not sure about his location.So you need not even to ask him just follow the steps given below and have a lot of info about him.

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How to know Someone IP address using Facebook Chat

  1. First of all close all tabs and browser windows.You can also delete the cache of the computer.
  2. Open one tab and go to Facebook.
  3. Login to Facebook.
  4. Start the chat with one of the Person.
  5. While chatting on Facebook, go to start > Run > cmd and press enter
  6. After opening the command prompt type netstat -an and press enter.
  7. Now you will get the IP’s address of all established connections
  8. Note all the IP’s addresses and trace them through the IP address tracer sites like or whatsmyip or just search Google

trace ip address The main reason for using the above process is that many ISP’s do not allow to get info about their IP address but using the way  above you can trace out the IP address and hence location of any online chatter, not only in Facebook but also in Yahoo, Msn, Google Talk or even any kind of active webpage

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So you have read the method to trace IP address of any person using Facebook chat, if you know any other method to get IP address then does share.

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