Google search “Find My Phone” to locate your missing android Phone

Google has improved its search ability to track or locate any android phone named by “Find My Phone” in its search bar. Android Device Manager is the improved source to use service of find my phone more effectively.

Somehow or what you have lost or could not locate your phone, then before doing any legal action, you may consult Google about it…yes it is because now you can simply track your lost android phone with their free search function named as find my phone. With this you can easy track any phone and tablet on the Google map without knowing imei number of the phone.

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find my phone

How to use Find My Phone to locate missing android Phone:

It is as easy as 123 to locate your android phone online for free with the help of Google search ability and “Android Device Manager“, just follow the steps:

  1. Login to your gmail account (that you have used to set up in Google Play Store)
  2. Search “Find My Phone” in the Google search bar and wait to display the phone associated with the email address.
  3. If you have more than one phone then you can select that one from right drop down menu.
  4. Wait to see the blue circle showing the location of your phone (with accuracy of 15-20 meters)
  5. You may also hit Ring button to ring your phone (this will help full if you are unable to locate your phone nearby you as in home or office)
  6. so see the phone and enjoy its location accuracy.

by using android device manager you can also locate the last online time and other features.

Reasons why you could not locate your Phone:

Let’s say you have repeated the above processes, but still could not fetch the exact location of your android phone then it might be due to:

  • Your Phone is switched off
  • Your Phone GPRS/WiFi is off or out of range
  • Your device GPS is off

so try to check this fun utility to find your android phone.

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2 thoughts on “Google search “Find My Phone” to locate your missing android Phone”

  1. Hello Rafaqat,
    Thanks for the awesome tutorial post. Android Manager is only ok when you lost your phone to track it. It’s can’t help when someone steal your phone. Because, when someone steal your phone, he/she definitely disable Android manager feature from the phone.

    • you are right, but people who have a little knowledge about it may not switched it off, also if any one switched off the feature it will still show the last location that may help to get an idea about it.


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