Google SandBox Checker and Penalty Checker Tool

Google sandbox checker and Penalty checker tool is a free online tool to check whether the website is Penalized by Google or not. It is just like a filter that Google applies to usually new websites that want to rank in the search results for specific phrases. The filter exists to prevent SEOs and spammers from easily manipulating search results by satisfying all of Google’s major offsite and onsite SEO factors.

How to Check Google Sandbox effect:

The Google Sandbox effect can be seen if the website:

  • has lost its traffic
  • has dropped its rankings
  • has used many negative keywords, or have used black hat SEO to improve search rankings.
  • is de-indexed by search engine
  • have ranked well in Yahoo/Ask or other search engine but not in Google
  • non-natural links or low-quality text.

google sandbox checker penalty checker tool
To find out whether your website was banned or was placed in the sandbox, simply search using the following command:

If Google shows pages from your website, it means you were sandboxed.

If you get the following message: “Your search – – did not match any documents.” – then you’re banned. If you’ve been banned, contact Google with an inclusion request, but make sure to clear out all the elements that might have caused you to get banned first.

Google Sandbox Checker and Penalty Checker Tool:

Here is the free  Google sandbox Checker online tool for new as well as old websites.
Just enter the website name in the search bar and check if Google sand boxed it or not.
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What to do when your website is punished or in sandbox effect:

By using the Google sandbox checker tool, if you came to know that your website is got hit by Google penalty or it is Sand boxed by Google then you may have to wait for sometimes (may be up to three months or more, depends on which kind of penalty your website got) in order to found your website ranking in search engines.

The quick method to get out of google penalty is the use of rich content, avoid unnatural outbound links and edit old blog posts to make them search engine friendly.

Watch the video tutorial to learn the use of google Sandbox Penalty checker tool.

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