How to Know who Visited My Facebook Profile Page recently

Every one is curious to know who visited his Facebook Profile page recently or viewed it the most. Whether he or she is in your friend list or someone else, whether he or she has viewed Photos or videos or some recently uploaded Post. These are the common questions  to know the Profile visitors of Facebook.

The detail of Persons who visited Facebook Profile page will also help to know the new Persons, its location and might help to increase Facebook Friend List.

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who visited my facebook profile page recently

It is also helpful if you have recently uploaded a photo or Posted any video link, this will tell you the detail of visitors and from there you can check the trend from where the visitors are coming.

How to Know who Visited My Facebook Profile Page recently:

It is easy to know who has visited Facebook Profile recently, just follow the steps:

  • Log in to Facebook and go to your Facebook Profile Page or Time Line.
  • Write click on The Facebook Profile Page >  view Page Source or simply press Ctrl+U (while using Google Chrome).
  • Press Ctrl+F and search for InitialChatFriendsList (just copy it do not put any space between words)
  • viewed facebook profile page recently
  • You will see a number of codes like this 100008983083816 (a 15 digit code) just copy it.
  • Go to your Facebook Timeline and Paste the code after here)  i.e. and hit enter
  • who visited my facebook profile pge the most
  • You will soon see the Profile page of the person who has visited your Profile Page.

In this way, you can check as many persons as you can that have viewed Facebook Profile Page.

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Watch the Video Tutorial

Hope so this interesting tutorial will help. Do comments with your feedback.

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